FabTrol Pro is a steelwork fabrication application aimed at the small to medium sized fabricator and provides an integrated workflow typical of the fabricators primary activities of Estimation, Drawing Management, Procurement, Production and Shipping.

This course presents the high-level workflows of FabTrol Pro and the videos demonstrate a step by step view of the application modules within the workflows.

The content is primarily aimed at individuals having a specialisation in either structural engineering, steelwork design or fabrication though the content and terminology will be recognisable to other discipline engineers.

Knowledge of either AVEVA E3D™ structural Modelling, AVEVA Bocad or both will provide additional context to the respective AVEVA products associated with structural design and steelwork detailing.

The FabTrol Pro course consists of 15 short videos ranging between 2-3 minutes’ duration (total duration of 36 mins) and 1 high level workflow infographic.