AVEVA Bocad Structural Detailing is a steelwork detailing application suitable for both EPC customers and smaller steelwork detailers. Functions within the application support typical working practises for steel detailing engineers including multi-user working, catalogue driven modelling, phasing, marking, automatic drawing creation, and reporting.

This course presents an overview of new features within AVEVA Bocad Structural Detailing and the functions mapping from earlier versions of AVEVA Bocad.

The content is primarily aimed at individuals having a specialisation in either structural engineering or steelwork design.

For users with Knowledge of earlier AVEVA Bocad versions only, it is advised to take the complete
course and the users with knowledge of AVEVA E3D can directly jump to the Function Mapping section.

The AVEVA Bocad™ 3.1 material consists of 21 videos (duration - 1 hours 14 mins 25 secs).

Video creation by Pradyumna Patidar, video narration by Matt Billing